Park West Village is a multi-retail outdoor mall with a grocery store, movie theater and more than 30 smaller retail stores. Webb and his wife often went to the movies there and the pavement caught Webb’s attention.

“I started thinking that this lot hasn’t been striped since it was paved, and I wondered if they had a guy in mind to do the striping. My thought was, this would be a great striping job,” he says

So Webb researched the mall on Google, learned who the property manager was and set up a meeting. It was a cold call.

Webb says he was a little intimidated as a small contractor bidding a job of this size, “especially since it was a big jump for us. I mean you go into their boardroom to make the presentation and the conference table probably cost more than we made the last month.”

So going into the initial meeting he felt he had to make an impression. “I figured they would appreciate a straight shooter so I was laser-focused on telling them what was going to happen and how it would happen,” he says.

To be able to do that Webb visited the site and did all the measuring in advance, even to the point of visiting some of the tenants to determine their hours of operation. And when he did meet with the property manager he went in armed with a plan that included 30,000 linear feet of cracksealing, 1.3 million square feet of sealcoating, and 8,000 lines to stripe.

“I knew how much sand was going to go into the sealer, how many gallons of sealer it would take to put down two coats, and how much paint the lines would require. That was the first time I’d ever done that in advance and it really paid off,” Webb says. “I did that because I wanted them to know that I know about the property. I wanted to get ahead of the customer. That was impressive to them because they said no one had ever done that for them. They knew I was serious.”


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