Paint & Line Removal

Refresh and Renew

The GrindLazer 480 is the high production choice when it comes to the most demanding scarifier jobs. Image by GRACO, Inc. After years of painting something, it builds up like old paste on a piece of wood. Maybe your lot needs a fresh start with line striping? We have new technologies that allow us to remove old lines that can be hard to remove, make the old lines look new and restore your lot to a condition that refreshes and renews. This service is time and labor intensive but effective in giving you a fresh start to having a crisp, clean lot.

The Process and Application

Removing lines is now a cost effective way to improve your parking lots performance. With new technologies like the Graco Grinderlazer 480 Precision Striping can easily remove and paint fresh lines all in the same business day.

Time Frame 

We can remove the lines fast easy and with minimum surface abrasion. The great thing about our paints is there are designed to apply smoothly to the grooves leaving a gorgeous line! Depending on the size of your some applications can take long periods of time.

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