Why Your Parking Lot Needs Rubber Wheel Stoppers

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Rubber Wheel Stoppers

Parking lots are necessary for any commercial property, but they can be dangerous if they are not maintained or don’t have all the necessary elements. Rubber wheel stoppers provide an essential safety feature for your parking lot by preventing cars from rolling away after being parked. Vehicles that do roll away clearly pose a serious danger to other drivers, pedestrians and vehicles, which is why rubber wheel stops are so crucial. 

Keep reading to learn more about rubber wheel stoppers and why you should install them at your own business premises.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers Help Prevent Accidents

An accident in a parking lot is something that everyone wants to avoid. They are incredibly inconvenient for drivers and can lead to injuries or even death! Rubber wheel stoppers help because they prevent car wheels from turning when vehicles are parked, so there is no risk of cars rolling away. The rubber wheel stops have been specifically designed to help with the safety of those in the car and pedestrians who might be walking near it.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are Necessary

Many companies have experienced the benefits of using rubber parking lot blocks over concrete or steel ones. A recent study by Penn State University shows that:

  • Rubber wheel stops are more cost-efficient than steel, 
  • Rubber stoppers absorb much of the impact from collisions,
  • Rubber tire stops prevent damage to property and injuries to people.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are Easy to Install

The rubber tire stops are extremely easy to install because they don’t require heavy equipment. They can be driven into the ground and will not move even when vehicles go over them at high speeds. Rubber wheel stoppers won’t corrode or rust like metal ones.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are Aesthetically Appealing

Rubber wheel stops are much nicer to look at than metal, and they contribute to making your parking lot look more beautiful and organized. Rubber parking lot blocks come in various colors, such as black, green, or yellow.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are Environmentally Friendly

Rubber parking blocks are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional metal ones. They won’t corrode, they will not rust or become hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and rubber is 100% recyclable.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are Cost-Effective

Rubber wheel stoppers are cost-effective; they save you money as compared with metal in the long run because rubber blocks don’t require as much maintenance as other materials do. Rubber wheel stops are an excellent investment for any commercial parking lot.

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